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Man Of Aran Re-imagined

“If the makers of DVD extras ever get really imaginative, they might come up with something like this.”
PETER CRAWLEY. Friday, December 10, 2010

Going cuckoo for piano classics

“The Swiss city of Lucerne might be small, but it is a capital of classical music, with a number of festivals, including a stellar winter piano event”
MICHAEL DERVAN. Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Want to read some of the best classical CD reviews around? Try Vice magazine

“Though it’s hardly known for its classical coverage, Vice’s irreverent reviewing is a refreshing corrective to the isn’t-everything-terrific school of classical music critique”
Tom Service. Tuesday, 7 December, 2010.

Ibsen’s The Master Builder

“An older man is insensitive to his wife and takes up with a younger woman. He is desperate to keep death at bay. No Ibsen play is more autobiographical than The Master Builder, argues Toril Moi”
Toril Moi. Saturday, 4 December, 2010.