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Irish timesGodot’s gone to the gents

“When English schoolboy Harry Mitchell tried to stage Beckett’s most famous play in a public toilet during the Edinburgh Fringe, the author’s estate pulled the plug; now, a rewritten version, about an audience waiting for a play that never starts, pokes fun at the furore”  BRIAN BOYD Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Curtain up for new playwrights

The Arts : Last year saw only 29 new Irish plays performed by professional companies, a sign of how difficult it is to bring new work to the stage. However, a number of programmes aim to encourage and develop new playwrights, writes Sara Keating” Monday, August 24, 2009

Looking to the music to lead us back

THE ARTS: It shouldn’t be left to politicians and economists to show the way forward for Ireland’s economy – our traditional musicians have their own story to tell and a long history of healing ills, writes SIOBHÁN LONG” Wednesday, August 19, 2009