Database of the Month

Theatre in Video

The database Theatre in Video has recently been added to DIT’s library collection. From this site users can watch and listen to landmark plays as well as documentaries about their production and interviews with directors, stage designers, writers and actors.

Theatre in Video’s collection of films begins in the 1930s and progresses through the 20th century. Videos in the collection cover a wide range of dramatic works including: the complete works of Shakespeare as produced by the BBC and other production companies; broadcasts of New York productions from the ’50s; revivals of classic works; experimental performances from the ’60s and ’70s; and other important contemporary performances. Users can search for and watch videos of films by specific playwrights, or directors. As well, users can search for work by specific actors, producers, theatre companies, stage managers and so on.
A wide selection of documentaries on or about drama, such as “Advice to Actors” and “Peter Brook Conversations About Theater”, is available to watch as well. Finally, the web-site allows users to create their own playlists of videos.

Have a look at our guide to Theatre in Video or the database itself.


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