SCONUL Access scheme

What is SCONUL Access.

SCONUL Access is a reciprocal service supported by over 170 higher education libraries in the UK and Ireland. Membership of the service entitles the user borrower privileges from any of the participating educational institutions. DIT has recently joined the scheme.

Who is permitted to join?

The scheme is open to DIT staff and research postgraduate students. To be eligible for the scheme it is essential that you are in good standing with the library. You must be a registered DIT library user and have a DIT library/ ID card. To join the scheme having ensured your eligibility you will need to complete an application form here or or you may obtain an application form from your library. You will then obtain a SCONUL Access card which is valid for up to three years.

Before visiting the library of your choice you need to ensure that the library is a member of the SCONUL scheme. Also check their opening hours and local SCONUL arrangements. The SCONUL Access member library will issue you with a local library card. Also if your DIT library card does not contain a photograph you will be asked for additional photograph ID such as a driving licence or passport. Please be aware that you are responsible for the safe return of all items you borrow from SCONUL Access member libraries and for any fines you will incur for overdue items.


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